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Bamboo Flooring

There are mainly two galleries of bamboo flooring tiles. One is solid bamboo flooring tiles, which are mostly use for inteior floors and the other sone is strand woven bamboo flooring, which are perfect for exterior decking, floorings.
  • Dark Solid Bamboo Flooring

    Dark Solid Bamboo Flooring

    The dark solid bamboo flooring means carbonized solid bamboo flooring. We produce dark solid bamboo flooring in horizontal and vertical structure. The horizontal is flat pressed in one direction, which is more classical, traditional and showing more clear bamboo natural veins.Read More

  • Natural Solid Bamboo Flooring

    Natural Solid Bamboo Flooring

    Our bamboo flooring factory are specializing in bamboo flooring tiles for more than 10 years. Our bamboo floorings are very popular in European countries, USA, Canada, Australia etc. Our bamboo flooring factory has the Floorscore, CE, FSC, CARB and ISO certification. The...Read More

  • Natural Strand Bamboo Flooring

    Natural Strand Bamboo Flooring

    The Strand bamboo flooring is one of the hardest flooring in the world. It’s even harder than wood and they can used use for both interior and exterior flooring. Natural Strand Bamboo Flooring is for light natural color stains and show the bamboo flooring its earthy and...Read More

  • Dark Carbonized Strand Bamboo Flooring

    Dark Carbonized Strand Bamboo Flooring

    Strand bamboo flooring tiles can be available in natural color, light brown color, dark brown color or Stained colors as you like. The Dark Carbonized Strand Bamboo Flooring is in dark color and bring mystery and elegant for your home. The Dark Carbonized Strand Bamboo...Read More

  • Tiger Stripe Bamboo Flooring

    Tiger Stripe Bamboo Flooring

    Tiger Stripe Bamboo Flooring is a mix color. It’s mixed the natural bamboo strips with the caramel bamboo strips to achieve a very special tiger stripe bamboo flooring. There are various tiger color. It depends on the percentage of natural bamboo strips and caramel bamboo...Read More

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