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Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo furniture is an emerging low-carbon industry. Because it does not need to be planted, it has fast growth, high hardness and super toughness. It is the ideal furniture material to replace the solid wood, which has obvious effect on the protection of forests. The bamboo industry combines good ecological, economic and social benefits. China Bamboo Industry Association advocates: China's bamboo industry should take the green industry and low-carbon economy as the goal, and take the road of circular economy and green industry. The advantage of bamboo furnitures. 1. Green and environmental protection, natural materials: Bamboo can adjust indoor humidity, absorb ultraviolet rays, anti-static, and benefit human health. In particular, after deep carbonization of the sheet, the processed bamboo furniture will not change color for a long time, and it can enhance the adsorption of harmful gases in the room. 2, high temperature cooking, three anti-treatment: thoroughly sterilized by high-temperature cooking, different from the traditional bamboo furniture process, to prevent insects and enzymes. Strict control of high pressure and water content, bamboo crafts and other scientific processes to ensure that bamboo furniture surpasses solid wood in preventing cracking and deformation. 3, fresh and beautiful, noble and elegant: bamboo color is natural, flexible, moisture-proof, high hardness
  • Bamboo Office Table Top With Iron Frame

    Bamboo Office Table Top With Iron Frame

    Our bamboo funiture factory has been working in bamboo furniture like bamboo table tops, bamboo chair, carbinets etc since 2003. Our bamboo furnitures have been shipped to Korea, Japan, UK, USA, Canada. Our bamboo furniture output is round 280000000USD per year.Read More

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