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3 Layers Horizontal Bamboo Plywood

Item: 3 layers Horizontal Bamboo Plywood
Designs: Customized sizes for different projects.
Popular color: Natural and carbonized in brown
Design:3 layers and Crisscross
Advantage: High hardness, high stability, fireproof and against termites etc.

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Product Details

Product of 3 layers Horizontal Bamboo Plywood

The 3 layers Horizontal Bamboo Plywood can be available in carbonized or natural color for different projects. 3 layers Horizontal Bamboo Plywood is also called Multi-layer bamboo panels, which are more stable and hard for different projects Solid bamboo panels are perfectly suited for making tabletops, kitchen countertops, cabinets, stairs, etc.


Working with 3 layers Horizontal Bamboo Plywood, you need to understand the character of the material.


Hardness: 32HB

Moisture rate: 8%-12%

Grade: E0

Certificate: ISO/FSC/CE

Features: High density/ High intensity/ Elegant/ Termites resistance

Used for : Kitchen cabinet, Kitchen countertop, Furniture, Ceiling, Wall decoration

Package: PVC packed on a pallet

OEM and customization acceptable

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Bamboo Projects (2).jpg

Bamboo plywood always has a visible and a back side. The back of a bamboo panel generally has more color variation than the visible side.

All of our bamboo panels are untreated but can be easily painted with wood oil or varnish for the desired look and feel.

The inner layers of bamboo plywood consist of laminated bamboo strips which may show small spaces between the strips (at the sides, not the face or back view). This is done in order to optimize the stability of the panels. These small gaps can be filled when finishing the panel.

Bamboo plywood can be sawn and drilled with conventional woodworking tools. Just make sure the tools are well sharpened.

Solid bamboo panels can be bonded with a waterproof D3 adhesive for interior applications.


We would love to show that how we produce the bamboo panels. This will enable you to understand the natural character and high quality Moso bamboo request, color varation.

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