Two City Industry is Manufacturer and Exporter of eco friendly bamboo products since 1998.


8' X 4' Bamboo Plywood

8'x 4' bamboo plywood is one of best sold sizes for bamboo plywood. They can be available in different thickness like 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm and customized sizes are acceptable.This size is big size and customers can cut them into any sizes for their projects. 8'x4' bamboo plywoods are widely used for windows, countertops, kitchentops, carbinet, table tops etc.
  • 8'x4'x 5/8 Bamboo Plywood

    8'x4'x 5/8 Bamboo Plywood

    8' x4' x 5/8" bamboo plywood disply here is single side-pressed bamboo plywood. It is called vertical bamboo plywood. We cut them in 100% finest bamboo strips and it is E1 grade.Read More

  • 8'x4'x 3/4“ Bamboo Plywood

    8'x4'x 3/4“ Bamboo Plywood

    Two City Industry have been specializing in bamboo plywood since 1998. The bamboo plywood is made of best layers of bamboo strips and laying in parallel order. The strips are dried, carbonized, sanded smooth, then laminated panels to panels to crate single ply panels. Then...Read More

  • 4' X 8' X 1 1/4 Inches Bamboo Plywood

    4' X 8' X 1 1/4 Inches Bamboo Plywood

    4' x 8' x 1 1/4" Bamboo Plywood is 2440*1220*30mm bamboo plywood, which is pressed by finest bamboo strips and widely used for bamboo furniture, bamboo curtain board, bamboo table tops, bamboo cabinets, bamboo art products, bamboo doors etc.Read More

  • 8'x4'x40mm Thickness Bamboo Plywood

    8'x4'x40mm Thickness Bamboo Plywood

    4' x 8' x 40mm thickness Bamboo Plywood is 2440*1220*40mm bamboo panel, which is very thick. The one showing here is made of 9-layers, top and bottom are side-pressed panel and core in cross horizontal pressed bamboo panels. The 4' x 8' x 40mm thickness Bamboo Plywood is...Read More

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