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Carbonized Horizontal Bamboo Plywood

Carbonized Horizontal Bamboo Plywood color: Light brown, deep brown, Caramel, coffee
Sizes: Popular size like 2440*1220*(8’x4’), 2000*1000mm and customized sizes
Designs: 1layer, 2 layers, 3layers, Crisscross, Multi-layers Horizontal Bamboo Panels.
Application: Countertop, cabinetry, stair, walls, stairs, furniture, Molding, flooring and other craft projects for homes and office etc, such as bamboo cutting board, kitchenware etc
Prices: Please let us know what you will use them for and what size you request.

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Product Details

Product of Carbonized Bamboo Plywood

Carbonized Horizontal Bamboo Plywood can be dark brown color, very dark brown color upon customer’s request. All Carbonized Horizontal Bamboo Plywood are made from 100% Moso Bamboo. Carbonized Horizontal Bamboo Plywood can be available in different structures, such as single, 1-ply,2-plys,3-plys, 5,plys and even 9plys.


Bamboo Plywood is another name for bamboo panels. Actually they are same products but with two different names. Bamboo plywood is a name that popular in Canada and USA. Our workers laminate bamboo plywood by layers of finest bamboo strips with eco-friendly adhesive with very flexible dimensions for different applications. We use European Adhesive and it is meet the ANS1-3 Standard and final products are E1 healthy products, even E0 upon customer’s request. We are one of the biggest bamboo producer and exporter from China since 1998.

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For Bamboo Plywood, Please find our standard sizes. Besides these sizes, we can cut products upon customers’ request for different projects.


1000mm, 2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm, 3000mm






Horizontal/Vertical/Cross layers

img09388.jpgWe list some good bamboo plywood sizes for buildings, different furniture, countertops, kitchen top, stair, tread, interior decoration and bamboo art products etc.

Bamboo Countertop.jpg

Bamboo walling and funiture.jpg


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