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Cross Horizontal Natural Bamboo Plywood

Cross Horizontal Natural Bamboo Plywood is Natural Plain pressed Bamboo Panel.
Color: Natural Bamboo panel is light color and show the bamboo natural and earthy looks.
Sizes: customized sizes for different projects
Designs: 3 layers, Multi-Layers, Criss cross in different structures.
Application: Countertop, cabinetry, furniture, flooring, walling, cutting board etc
Prices: Upon your sizes, quantities and usage

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Product Details

Product of Cross Horizontal Natural Bamboo Plywood

If you want to have a very tough structure for bamboo plywood, but vertical bamboo plywood is too expensive. You can do Cross Horizontal Natural Bamboo Plywood, which is very hard and stable, but cheaper. Meanwhile, this is another way to make thicker bamboo panels like 30mm, 40mm even 50mm Cross Horizontal Natural Bamboo Plywood.

The Natural series is not afraid of its bamboo roots. The natural Cross Horizontal bamboo panels are cut of this plywood proudly displays the nodes of each Culm that make up this gorgeous piece of lumber. Made from 100% Moso Bamboo. The natural series is the brightest option available. Vertical bamboo panels are more stable and harder than the simple horizontal bamboo plywood. However, the cost is higher comparing to normal horizontal bamboo plywood.


Hardness: 32HB

Moisture rate: 8%-12%

Grade: E0,E1

Certificate: ISO/FSC/CE

Features: High density/ High intensity/ Elegant/ Termites resistance

Used for : Kitchen cabinet, Kitchen countertop, Furniture, Ceiling, Wall decoration

Package: PVC packed on a pallet

OEM and customization acceptable

Available Popular sizes dimensions as bellowing and besides these sizes, we can cut products upon customers’ request for different projects.




Standard Width

Standard Length

Single Layer





Multi Layers





Cross Layers





Strand Bamboo





All bamboo products from Two City Industry should be strictly inspected by our exporting professional inspectors.

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Why we choose bamboo? Because bamboo is a kind of fast grows grass and we use 4-6 years bamboo for bamboo plywood. Our factories locate in the hometown of bamboo in China. We can get materials in everywhere and anytime. Furthermore, Bamboo plywood is made of one of the most hardest, sustainable and stable materials. It is an good alternative to wood for similar characters but with much more favor cost and faster delivery time.

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Bamboo is one of best alternatives of wood. It is an eco-friendly choice for fast grows, cheaper cost, similar characters. As one of most popular materials, bamboo plywood have been widely used in contractions , such as furniture for office and home, floorings, ceilings, windows, treads, stair, walls, doors, roofing, house decoration, kitchen countertops, kitchen cabinet, furniture, molding, cabinetry, and other arts and crafts projects.

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Talk to our staffs for any new ideas for your bamboo panels.

1.Q:Are you a factory or trading company?

A: We are direct factory for bamboo products more than 20 years.

2.Q:Can you do OEM?

A:Yes, OEM is acceptable.

4.Q:How can I get some samples?

A: Some samples free, but some new models will add some model cost and freight collect. 

5.Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A:Quality is first, we have a very professional team working on each export cargos.



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