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Bamboo Sticks

Locating in bamboo hometown, we are able to have abundant bamboo for different bamboo products. As you see, our factory produce big quantities of strand bamboo products, which will leave a lot of bamboo. We can use them for bamboo sticks. We mainly provide two galleries of bamboo sticks for different application. Bamboo Sticks for incense Bamboo Incense sticks Bamboo sticks on grilling Bamboo bbq skewers bamboo skewers on grill Bamboo Sticks for grilling bamboo sticks for incense bamboo incense sticks How we produce the bamboo sticks for incense? We show you the process photos here for a clear presentation.
  • Bamboo Sticks For Incense

    Bamboo Sticks For Incense

    We have bamboo incense sticks in different sizes free length from 125-490mm, diameter1.3-6mm.Read More

  • Bamboo Incense Sticks

    Bamboo Incense Sticks

    Our Bamboo Incense Sticks is very hot in Thailand, Indian, Japan etc. Most of our Bamboo Incense Sticks are shipped to Asian countries.Read More

  • Bamboo Bbq Skewers

    Bamboo Bbq Skewers

    Our Bamboo Sticks can be used incense,bbq etc. The Bamboo Bbq Skewers is called bamboo sticks for grilling or bamboo skewers on grill or curly bamboo skewers.Read More

  • Bamboo Sticks For Grilling

    Bamboo Sticks For Grilling

    Sometimes people called these bamboo sticks for grilling as soaking bamboo sticks. Soak them before grilling, this is a really great design skewer for cooking skewered meant, finish and vegetable. We can pack the bamboo sticks for grillings in different ways,such as 6", 8"...Read More

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