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0.6mm Carbonized Bamboo Veneer

1. Item: 0.6mm Carbonized Bamboo Veneer
2. Thickness: we can do 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 0.6mm bamboo veneer.
3. Color available in natural and brown
4. Designs: Horizontal, Vertical, side press, plain press bamboo veneer.
5. Application: beautiful furniture, cabinets and ideal building material.
6. Prices: Upon customer sizes& quantities.

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Product Details

Product of 0.6mm Carbonized Bamboo Veneer

Bamboo veneer is designed using bamboo blocks laminated with water-proof adhesive and kiln-dried bamboo strips. These veneers are used in ceiling, furniture covering and wall decoration.


Using 0.6mm Carbonized Bamboo Veneer as a material to renovate your house or for furniture purposes is just a brilliant idea. In many countries, bamboo is even utilized as a building material. Bamboo veneer is a great choice because it helps in sustaining all your furniture in the future. Since bamboo grows fast, it is a much eco-friendly choice for everyone to make.

Though is more difficult to produce than conventional solid wood veneers, due in part to the number of glue joints that reduce yield but the longevity is worth. The bamboo blocks are first laminated, then conditioned and soaked for two weeks before being sliced into veneer sheets. The veneer made of Bamboo is backed with either a paper or fabric fleece material to give the product more stability and strength.

0.6mm Carbonized Bamboo Veneer are suitable for any interior application such as wall, ceiling, furniture covering, furniture production etc.

Bamboo Veneer Used: Furniture covering, Ceiling, Wall decoration

Bamboo Veneer Color: Natural, Carbonized

Bamboo Veneer Grain: Horizontal, Vertical

Bamboo veneer creates beautiful furniture, cabinets and the ideal building material as it can be customized according to your need.

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Bamboo veneer for furniture and wall (1).jpg

Bamboo veneer for furniture and wall (2).jpg

Bamboo veneer for furniture and wall (3).jpg



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