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End-Grain Cutting Board

Item: End-Grain Cutting Board for kitchen and hotel
Size: 2cm, 3cm, thicker
Shape: Square, rectangular, round, oval and other special shapes
Special request: Can be engraved logo upon your request.
Coat: Food safe Vegetable oil
Certification: FDA (food safe grade)
MOQ: 1000Pcs
Packing: Plastic wrap and Carton box or customized

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Product Details

Product of End-Grain Cutting Board

End grain cutting boards might look complicated, but they are actually quite simple to make when you understand the principle behind them. This weave design make the cutting board extra-strength construction. The design is really popular and most customers are prefer to make dark brown(longer carbonized). The end grain Cutting Board Design Considerations, cutting boards are easy to make and make great gifts.


Why bamboo chopping boards from two city so popular?

1. We are one of the most professional bamboo cutting board supplier from China since 1998.We have our own R&D department for design and produce new bamboo cutting boards. You can pick up any design of bamboo cutting boards from us.

2. We have 2 factories specializing in bamboo cutting boards for more than 15 years. We choose 1st grade quality of bamboo panels for bamboo cutting boards.

3. Our bamboo cutting boards are produced with first grade bamboo materials, best man craft and food-grade glue. All bamboo products for kitchen meet FDA requirement.

4. Locating in hometown of bamboo in China, we are able to achieve good bamboo at any time and our cost is very good.

5. We had shipped our bamboo cutting boards to European countries, Canada, USA, Australia,. Our bamboo cutting boards are very welcomed in the world.

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