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8'x4' Bamboo Plywood
- Jul 16, 2018 -

8'x4' Bamboo plywood is same as 2440x1220mm, which is very hot hunting by archetctor, mason or designers. Because they can cut 8’x4’ into any size they like for furniture, bamboo cabinets, bamboo kitchen countertops, bamboo table tops, bamboo treads, stairs, bamboo walling, bamboo doors, window sills etc.We have the 8’x4’ bamboo panels in different thickness and structures upon different projects and application. 

8'x4'x1/4" Bamboo Plywood

8'x4'x1/2"Bamboo Plywood

8'x4'x5/8"Bamboo Plywood

8'x4'x3/4"Bamboo Plywood

8'x4'x 1 1/4"Bamboo Plywood

8'x4'x1.6" Bamboo Plywood

OEM&Customized sizes are acceptable

Bamboo Plywood Structure.jpg

Bamboo Kitchen Top China.jpg

Bamboo Funiture.jpg

Bamboo Kitchen.jpg