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Bamboo, Bamboo Tea Tools and Tea Culture
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Two City is located in Nanping, where is famous with tea and bamboo. We produce many bamboo tea sets, like tea box, tea tools, tea cookie etc.

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If a kind of plant is used to describe Chinese literati, about ten or more of them will think of bamboo bar. The bamboo itself is in the heart and straight and does not fear the frost and snow. It fits the moral consciousness of the Chinese literati. From "bamboo forest seven sages" to Wang Hui Zhi to Bai Juyi to Su Dongpo to Zheng Banqiao, there is no lack of deep friendship with bamboo.

Bamboo hollow is not a dirty thing, open bamboo, in the middle only the snow white bamboo film, Hsinchu intimal tearing down on the bang on the flute on the sound of the song, is the so-called "gentleman is clear."  Its leaves 22 grow downward, like a "one" word, it has a modest and modest virtue, is a typical personality of the gentleman. Su Dongpo's "always beautiful like a beautiful woman", comparing tea to beautiful woman, is very appropriate. Tea is a natural beauty, from the beginning of the bud, tea bud erect, tender leaves, fresh green, fresh green, water and tea dried tea, water and live, is "good tea, such as good people."  Bamboo and tea, a noble gentleman, a beautiful beauty.

There is a tea in Yunnan, bamboo tube tea, which is steamed tea with steam into the bamboo tube of the pucked bamboo. It is tamped and filled until it is full. Then it is exposed to the sun for one or two days, then the bamboo tube is faded to the drying room. This kind of bamboo tea is a mixture of love and affection. It is more like a loving lover, brewing a long-lasting expectation.

Bamboo has always been the theme of the creator of the purple sand pot maker, with a bamboo shaped pot mouth, the pot ear plus bamboo leaf branches, its branches close to the mouth of the pot, and the bamboo leaves inlaid with the pot body; the useful small bamboo strips are tied into a bundle of bamboo segments, and the pots are made into a bundle of bamboos. A piece of leaf is "happy". While drinking tea and appreciating pot art, gentlemen and beauties enjoy harmony. The bamboo is a kind of "blessing" in the pot.

There is a Hui Yuan Temple in Wuyishan. "The layout of the courtyard is a Confucian style. The temple has a Buddhist atmosphere, and the charm of the Taoist house is a typical religious building of three religions." Zhu Xi, a famous Neo Confucian, often went to the Hui Yuan Temple for Buddhist meditation. He wrote a couplet in the palace. In Hui Yuan Temple's Hui Yuan pit in the square of strange peaks and strange rocks, the pine green bamboo is covered with bamboo, bamboo, bitter bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, Luo Hanzhu and other kinds of ordinary or famous bamboo, and the bamboo is the main character here. More famous iron Rohan, Su Xinlan, drunken concubine, golden willow, stone frankincense and other hundred bushes, the most immortal character, highlights the Wuyi Tea Road spirit "festival Qing" among them. There is the tea alliance "famous rock complex, Cui Cui, tea is like a clean character".

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