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Bamboo Cutting Board Maintenance
- Jul 15, 2018 -

In recent years, the wooden chopping boards in the kitchens of ordinary people have gradually been replaced by bamboo cutting boards. Because the bamboo cutting board has no deformation, no cracking, and no slag, compared with the traditional wooden cutting board. The bamboo cutting boards currently produced mainly include round and square. The bamboo cutting board is made of high-quality bamboo and is extruded under pressure. It is surrounded by metal outer ring and has the characteristics of no slag and high strength. The surface of the board can be used for soft and hard objects. The thickened bamboo pier of the hotel-specific series has a trial life of more than four times that of the wooden vegetable pier. The square bamboo cutting board has a generous appearance, is light in use, does not slag, and is available on both sides. It is the best choice for ordinary families to enjoy cooking.

A piece of bamboo cutting board with good quality needs careful maintenance, and it is suitable to ensure the food hygiene to extend the life of the cutting board.

1. Maintenance: The new bamboo chopping board can be used after normal cleaning. In order to extend the service life, the bamboo cutting board must keep the board surface moist and rotate on both sides. If the board surface is loose, it can be immersed in warm water for 1-10 minutes according to the situation. Do not soak for too long or boil. When the cutting board is used up, it is best to hang it and hang it in a ventilated place

2. chopping board classification: In order to avoid cross-infection, bamboo chopping board can cut raw food on one side, and the other side for cooked food. After each type of food is processed, it is thoroughly cleaned immediately before the next cut. If you cut the meat, wash it with warm water.

3. To prevent the cracking of the cutting board, buy the new cutting board and apply oil immediately. Practice; apply oil on the lower side and the periphery of the cutting board. After the oil is sucked dry, apply it again and apply it three or four times. The chopping board is easy to crack around, can be painted several times repeatedly, and can be used after the oil is dry. After this treatment, the cutting board is less prone to cracks. Because the oil has strong penetrating power and is not volatile, it can moisturize the wood for a long time and can prevent the cutting board from bursting. The oiling also has anti-corrosion function, and the cutting board is also durable.

4. Do not use detergent to clean, because the cleaning solution will penetrate into the cutting board, which will cause the cutting board to be sore and will not be hygienic.

5. If the chopping board has treated the food with very heavy oil, it can be quickly scrubbed with hot water to quickly remove the oil. (Remember not to use a pot brush.)

 6. Note that the cutting board should not be placed in direct sunlight to avoid excessive drying and cracking of the cutting board.

The maintenance method of the bamboo cutting board is as simple as this. Remember, the newly purchased cutting board must be maintained, which can extend the life and use the cutting board correctly. Avoid mold and cracking of the cutting boards.

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