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Bamboo Truck Flooring
- Nov 05, 2018 -

Bamboo Truck Flooring is called bamboo container flooring. It gets more and more popular to use bamboo panels as truck flooring or container flooring for its favor cost, lighter weight and eco-friendly materials.

Bamboo Truck Flooring (4)

Bamboo Truck Flooring (3)

Why use the bamboo as truck/container floorings?

1.       The bamboo truck flooring(bamboo container flooring) is much more lighter than the steels.

2.       The bamboo truckflooring is much more eco-friend and it can be degradation but plastic can’t not be.

3.       Take bamboo instead of wood. First, wood is a global protection resource. Secondly, the 20mm thick bamboo base can replace the strength of 40mm thick hardwood floor, which is lighter, and the toughness and service life of bamboo is higher than wood.

Two City Industry is one of the biggest manufacturer of of carbonized bamboo side pressure panel. Even we can produce 13000mm length bamboo truck flooring. we provides products to many high-end truck manufacturers (such as Japan Isuzu, Nissan, etc.) through CIMC, which is lightweight and ecological. Bamboo substitute wood, bamboo substitute steel, bamboo substitute plastic and other best substitutes.