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Comparation of Side pressed and Plain pressed bamboo panels
- Sep 07, 2018 -

The side pressed (vertical) bamboo panel is made by pressing the bamboo piece and the long narrow side upwards and pressing from both sides. It is characterized by being made only with the best dough piece, and the whole piece is visible from top to bottom without any shadow. raw material.  the quality control process is complicated.

The plain pressed (horizontal) bamboo panel is a horizontal combination method in which the long side of the bamboo piece faces upward and the front side is pressed.

  • The side pressed (vertical) bamboo plywood has  better tensile strength and compressive strength than the plain pressed (horizontal) bamboo plywood.

  • The texture is also different. The plain pressed (horizontal) bamboo panel will show more clear natural bamboo veins.

  • The vertical bamboo panel is more expensive than the horizontal bamboo panel.

  • The horizontal bamboo plywood is more easier to bend. So we will suggest different surface for customers upon their sizes and application.


Horizontal and Vertical Bamboo Panel comparation.jpg