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How to extend the service life of bamboo flooring.
- Jul 07, 2018 -

Proper use and maintenance is the key to extend the service life of bamboo flooring.

Proper use and maintenance is the key to extend the service life of bamboo flooring. Three aspects should be paid attention to in the use of bamboo flooring.

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First, keep the humidity in the room. Although bamboo flooring is treated by drying, it reduces the change of size, but because its bamboo is natural material, the bamboo flooring will also change with the change of dry humidity in the climate. In the northern area, if the dry season, especially the open heating, the consumers can adjust the humidity by different methods, such as the humidifier or the warmer. In the southern region to the rainy season, consumers should open the window and ventilation to keep the indoor dry. At the same time, the indoor use of bamboo flooring should try to avoid a large amount of water contact. If water is splashed on the floor, it should be dry and clean in time.

Second, avoid damage to the surface of the floor. Bamboo floor paint should avoid hard impact, sharp scratches, metal friction and so on. To prevent dust, sand and other things from being brought into the room, a doormat can be placed at the door, but the insole must be kept clean. Do not wipe the surface of bamboo board with nails, or wear shoes with metal nails to enter the room. The feet of furniture can be wrapped with some fiber fabrics, so that furniture can be moved more conveniently and furniture can not damage the floor.

Finally, the floor should be cleaned correctly. In the daily use process, keep the floor of the bamboo floor clean, clean, clean sweep clean, and then use a wring mop, usually with a soft wet cloth to wipe the floor, of course, like the carpet, with the dust removes the dust on the floor. According to the usage situation, wax can be waxed once a few years to keep the film smooth and clean. If conditions permit, 2 to 3 months can be applied to floor wax on the surface of bamboo flooring, so that the maintenance effect is better.

In addition, air conditioning is often needed to regulate indoor air temperature.

Bamboo floors are dirty at home. What cleaning agents and waxing methods can make floors look as bright as new?

First put the floor wax into the tin, melt it on the stove, then slowly pour it into kerosene and stir it down until the shoe polish is mixed. A room of 14 square meters requires about 50 grams of wax and 125 grams of kerosene. Wipe the wooden floor clean, wipe the floor with clean cotton cloth and wax oil. Do not smear too thick. For each coating 2 - 3 square meters, stop 2 - 3 minutes. When you do not stick to your hands, wipe with a piece of dry cloth on the ground with wax until it shiny. Once the ground is finished, it should be repeated every one or two months. The amount of wax can be reduced less than the first time.