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How to produce bamboo sticks?
- Jul 31, 2018 -

We produce and export big volumn of bamboo sticks. We call them different names for different usages. 

Bamboo Sticks for incense

Bamboo Incense sticks

Bamboo sticks on grilling

Bamboo bbq skewers

bamboo skewers on grill

Bamboo Sticks for grilling

bamboo sticks for incense      

bamboo incense sticks

How to produce bamboo sticks?

Saw bamboo: The bamboo saw machine is used to saw the original bamboo into the required length of the saw. The sawing machine is mainly composed of the frame, the motor, the saw blade and the transmission structure. The saw has two kinds of general saw blades and alloy saw blades.

Broken bamboo: The broken bamboo machine is used to cut the sawn bamboo. The number of cuts depends on the width of the bamboo piece required. Therefore, the bamboo breaking machine is equipped with a large number of knives. According to the demand of the product and the size of the bamboo, different knives are used. It is convenient and convenient to change the knives.

Opening film: The opening machine can go to the raised section of the bamboo outside garden, go to the green machine to let the bamboo piece pass the upper and lower knives, remove the outer bamboo green and the inner layer of bamboo yellow, and make the bamboo piece.

Sweet bamboo stick

Drawing: The wire drawing machine is a more important equipment in the processing of fragrant bamboo sticks. It is generally composed of a frame, two motors (feeding motor and tool drive motor), feed wheel, cutter and transmission system. The versatility of the molding machine is good, and only the replacement of the tool can satisfy the demand of different products.

Saw wire, polishing: The wire sawing machine cuts the drawn bamboo wire into the length required for the scent, and then polishes it on the polishing machine.