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White Marble and Wood Cheese Boards
- Jul 06, 2018 -

It’s a new idea to combine the white marble with wood for a cheese board or cutting board. The white marble with wood cheese boards or cutting boards has a very cool feeling and is elegant advantage to mix a cool marble and warm wood.

Two City Industry always keep our eyes in new concepts of different new products. Most of new ideas are from our customers. They let us know their idea or send us their drawings for creating a new bamboo or wooden products. Then the white marble combine with wood cheese boards and cutting boards enter into people’s livings. What we work mostly are marbles and Acacia Wood or bamboo cutting boards, cheese boards etc. They are luxury with a very modern looks. We have the white marble and acacia wood cutting boards in different shapes, which can be used for food cutting or serving. You can enjoy your slicing with a very nice boards.

marbles and Acacia Wood  factory.jpg