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Why Outdoor Strand bamboo flooring?
- Jun 23, 2018 -

Outdoor Strand bamboo flooring is still a strange name in many people's minds, but outdoor bamboo flooring as a recommender of global bamboo applications is gradually covering bamboo flooring, outdoor flooring, outdoor flooring etc. Outdoor bamboo flooring is one of the new types of bamboo flooring, which facilitates the laying of outdoor wood flooring.

The outdoor high-resistance bamboo flooring is mainly based on the use of renewable resources, bamboo as a raw material, providing traditional production methods using wood as raw material. The utilization rate of heavy bamboo single-board bamboo is high, reaching more than 90%, not only reducing the amount of formaldehyde released from the product, but also Ensure the recycling of the product.


Outdoor high resistance bamboo flooring has the following 9 characteristics:


1. Green and environmental protection. Since the outdoor bamboo flooring is specially processed, only a trace amount of formaldehyde is released.

2. Anti-termite. Outdoor high-resistance bamboo flooring, which is one of the outdoor bamboo floorings, has a higher density due to its surface coating and special processes.

3. Fire retardant.

4. High stability.

5. High hardness. Hardness is determined by the density of the product, outdoor high-resistant flooring is more suitable for outdoor use, after special processing, with a very high density.

6. 20 years of high durability.

7. Strong decay resistance.

8. High-strength mildew.

9. Excellent dimensional stability. Outdoor high-resistance bamboo flooring is treated with bamboo technology to reduce the hydrophilic hydroxyl concentration of the floor and stabilize the product.

At present, outdoor high-resistant bamboo flooring has been widely used in garden landscapes, real estate projects, marinas, home improvement projects. Outdoor high-resistant bamboo flooring has become one of the first choices for outdoor floor decoration.