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Use Of Wooden Chopping Board
- May 21, 2018 -

1. Before using the cutting board, rinse with water and wash the dust off the cutting board.

2. After use, rinse the cutting board once and clean it with a rag. Hang the cutting board on the wall or use the YCZM exclusive stand to stand upright and dry to prevent the cutting board from being discolored or moldy due to moisture.

3. Do not use detergents to clean, because the cleaning fluid will penetrate into the cutting board, which will cause the mold to become rotten in the long term. It is not hygienic to use the food.

4. If the cutting board has been treated with very heavy oils, use hot water to continuously brush and quickly remove oil (remember not to use the pot brush).

5. If the fish smell or other odor is heard from the chopping board, you can clean it with lemon and coarse salt. When a chopping or black spot appears on the chopping board, it is time to discard it.

6. Note that the cutting board should not be placed in direct sunlight, avoid excessive drying of the cutting board and cracking

7. If you have more cooking time, it is recommended to buy two chopping boards to separate the raw and cooked meat to reduce the growth of food bacteria.

Cracking Tips for Chopping Board: After buying a new chopping board, apply oil immediately. The practice is to apply cooking oil on both sides of the cutting board and the surrounding area, wait for the oil to dry before painting, and paint it three or four times. The periphery of the cutting board is easy to crack, and it can be repeatedly painted several times. The oil can be used after drying. After this treatment, the cutting board is less prone to cracks.