Two City Industry is Manufacturer and Exporter of eco friendly bamboo products since 1998.


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Our facilities

We have different production lines for different bamboo interior and exterior materials. One photo stands for thousands of words. Please check more photos about our bamboo factories and facilities. For more, you are very welcomed to visit us at any convenient time.

Bamboo Panels/Bamboo Plywood/Bamboo Veneers etc

img14635.jpg  img13293.jpg

img13334.jpg  img04091.jpg

img07705.jpg  1.jpg

Bamboo Flooring

2.jpg  3.jpg

4.jpg  5.jpg

Strand Bamboo, Bamboo Decking, Outdoor Bamboo and Horse Stable

img12412.jpg  img03191.jpg

img10277.jpg  img03945.jpg

img03874.jpg  img00536.jpg

Bamboo products for kitchen, bathroom and office, such as bamboo cutting board, bamboo tray, bamboo box etc

img23236.jpg  img25675.jpg

img21635.jpg  img18208.jpg

img10349.jpg  img04170.jpg