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Bamboo Horse Stable

Item: Bamboo Horse Stable
Color: Carbonized or natural in different colors upon customers’ request
Usage: Horse Racing, Horse Boarding etc
Sizes: length 500-2000mm
Design: T&G with or without groove
Surface treatment: Oiled or Natural Oil

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Product Details

Product of Bamboo Horse Stable

The horse stable plank require very hard and high quality material. Comparing to standard bamboo, the strand woven bamboo have higher density, suitability for outdoors and waterproof. So more and more people love to use the strand Bamboo Horse Stable for horse stable instead of traditional solid wood. This will have a more natural looking but favor cost. We offer bamboo horse stable mainly in 2 colors, one is natural and the other is carbonized, which is brown. Meanwhile, you can have different designs without or without groove


Bamboo is really environmental and eco friendly material for making the stable. Bamboo can grow up for harvesting in 4-6 years, renewable material than wood and cost-effective than steel. Strand woven bamboo is pressed from bamboo fiber with non-toxic and low formaldehyde emission glue. The density is over 1200 kg / m3, hardness is 104 Mpa, impact toughness is 114.7 kgs/ m3. Strand woven bamboo is durable and free deformation.

We coated horse stable with outdoor suitable and preservative oil. This oil can ensure horse stable stand outside without bending, moldy or splitting. The oil is eco friendly, that means it will not hurt the horses, the formaldehyde emission is E1 standard, very low VOC.

Bamboo horse stable has 2 colors - natural and carbonized.

Materials: 100% bamboo fiber, environmentally and eco friendly

Moisture content: 8%-10%

Formaldehyde emission: E1 standard of European, healthy and non-polluted

Hard, wearable, durable, weather durability

Convenient installation with Tongue and Groove

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing grass, which will enable us to get materials easier and faster for projects. They can ready in 4-6 years. The Strand Bamboo Horse Stable gets more and more popular in the world.


Strand woven bamboo is a kind of innovative construction material. It is very good for horse stables. This gets more and more popular in the world. We have one factory have been specializing in horse stable for more than 15 years.

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Two City Industry is one premium outdoor plank company. We have been devoting to bamboo products since 1998. We are located in Nanping, the hometown of Bamboo in China.

1.  we have been devoting to bamboo products more than 15 years.

2. We focus on bamboo products and we have around 300 experience workers and professional R&D staffs.

3. All Bamboo products from Two City Industry meets high quality standard for different products. We achieve different certifications for our bamboo products. We have ISO9001, ISO14001, BSCI, SGS certification,  CE certification, FSC certification.

4. All bamboo products can be customized.

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