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Exterior Bamboo Decking

Item: Exterior Bamboo Decking
Color: Light brown, dark brown and others upon customer request.
Usage: Suitable for interior and exterior
Sizes: 1860x139xThickness 18/20/30/38mm and others upon customer request.
Profiles: We have different edge designs for customers.
Density: 1250-1300kgs/m3
Surface treatment: bleached, sanded, with UV coating or outdoor oil
Grain: flat/ big wave/ small wave/ double wave/ small groove
APPLICATION AREAS: garden, park, swimming pool, commercial buildings etc outdoors.

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Product Details

Bamboo Decking gets more and more popular by the builders and contractors for its sustainability, durability. Strand Woven Bamboo Decking exceeds the qualities of other decking products. It's made from 100% compressed bamboo fiber and treated with natural borate and hydrogen peroxide to eliminate pests and mildew. This bamboo decking is finished with a waterproof oil. Strand Woven bamboo decking is waterproof, fireproof, sun proof and rot proof.

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Product of Exterior Bamboo Decking

Nowadays the Strand Exterior Bamboo Decking Bamboo Decking gets more and more popular for exterior decking. We produce Exterior Bamboo Decking in different surface profile and colors, likeBrown Outdoor Bamboo Decking, deep Brown Outdoor Bamboo Decking etc.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing grass, which will enable us to get materials easier and faster for projects. Meanwhile, some of the largest bamboo even can be over 100’ tall and 6-8’ diameter. They can ready in 4-6 years. After harvest, the new ones will grow from root rapidly. Comparing to wood, bamboo has more consistent looks than most decking boards.

We use tappets grade glue so that strips can be glued firmly in place for any special projects you may have.  Bamboo is also great for making outdoor furniture, walling, ceiling, decking etc. Bamboo decking or terrace bamboo flooring is installed outside, like garden, swimming pool, public area because it is anti-moldy, long-life flooring. Bamboo decking is made out of strand woven bamboo flooring and we do the oil on the decking, so it will be water proof and it can last a long time.

We have Exterior Bamboo Decking in different edge profile.


Brown Outdoor Bamboo Decking Common sizes are as bellowing
















Hardness: 70.4Gpa

Moisture rate: 4.7%

Expansion rate or water absorption: 0.35%

Certificate: ISO/FSC/CE

Features: anti-corrosive, eco-friendly, termites resistance/ fireproof/ anti-friction/ high hardness/ high stability/ high bending strength/ high density.

PACKAGE: export carton with PVC on pallet

OEM and customization acceptable

How To Install Bamboo Flooring? 


Decking: Fixed with metal fittings

img10764.JPGWallboard: Fixed it on the wood strip directly

1, Direction of installation

Direction of installation should be kept the same as that of the room length, and the floors be installed one by one from left

or from right with their grooves facing the wall. A gap between floor and wall should be kept 10-15mm and need to put the wood edges.

2, Installation method of flooring

Fix the grooves and tongues of flooring, install the bamboo flooring directly on the base of ground. The end joints of flooring should

be staggered (Generally speaking, on the position of 1/2 or 1/3 staggered). It doesn't need to be nailed or put glues. At the same time,

we should check the straightness and flatness of flooring arrangement when installing. We should also pay attention to the color deviation,

select the similar color floors to be put together. In addition, we can use the color deviation to create shade design, increase the effect of appearance.

3, Keep the flooring in proper tightness when installation

In the areas where there are great differences of moisture in different season, you should keep fitting of boards in proper tightness according

to the weather condition. Floors with lower water rate should be installed loosely when under dry weather conditions; on the contrary, floors

with higher water rate should be installed tightly when under damp conditions. Otherwise, the floors will be curved or swelled or isolated with

the season changing.

4, The last step for installation

You have to cut some boards when finishing installation. In order to prevent from penetration of water or moisture, edge joints of floors must be painted where it is cut.

After installation, a few of spring sheets should be placed between the grooves and wall in way of installation without wood strip.

In somewhere of the gate and other connecting places, you have to cut some floors so as to leave enough space for welling or shrinkage, then T-molding or reduces can be installed to connect then and cover the space. Meanwhile, there must be 3-5mm space left between the bottom of doors and floor to benefit you open door freely.

Thickness of baseboards should be less than 14mm. It must cover the swelling gap

Interior Strand Bamboo Installation.jpg

Strand Bamboo Decking Installation.jpg


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