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Bamboo products gets more and more popular by the architect and contractors. They are highly used in homes, gardens, buildings etc

Why bamboo products are so hot?

l Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing grass, it grows to maturity in 4-6 years. However, the hardwood trees will take decades even hundreds of years. So the bamboo has very high sustainability for short rotation.



l Because the wood takes decades of years and even hundreds of years, the demand is high beyond of the supply. Bamboo has similar compress, strength, stability. It is a trend to instead of hardwood.

l In fact, bamboo is famous for its strength and durability. When it comes to strength, bamboo is even 2-3 times harder than most of hardwoods including oak.

l Comparing to hardwood, the bamboo is available in cheaper cost.

l Bamboo is Eco Friendly. It is used for variety of purposes ranging from food to construction.

There are many advantage for using bamboo products for home, garden or buildings.

l Bamboo has more natural grains and add natural to your home and buildings.

l High hardness and Strength, but cheaper cost than wood, saving cost for you

l Free of Fertilizers and Pesticides

l Easy to clean and maintain.

l Reduce noisy

l More advantage as bellowing




Furthermore, the bamboo is good for health.

1.Prevent you from rheumatoid arthritis. Bamboo can adjust and keep the stable temperature itself. Thus it won’t get you too cold or too hot. It gets cool in summer but warm in winter.

2. Avoid allergic asthma. After high temperature carbonized and removing the bamboo fiber and sugar, which has completely destroyed the destroyed the living conditions of ticks and bacteria. Without the mildew, it will reduce the risk of catching allergic asthma.

3.Protect your eyes for it is natural grain, which will absorb the UV rays and good for your eyes.

 There are many Environmentally friendly products made of bamboo

Bamboo towel, bamboo clothes, bamboo teeth brush, Bamboo Charcoal Bag, bamboo charcoal etc