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Wood Root Planter

Item: Wood Root Planter
Finish: Lacquer(FDA grade)
Size: Small, Medium and big available
Shape: With or without handles
Special request: Customized logo or packing will be negotiated
MOQ: 500-1000Pcs
Packing: carton or special luxury packing upon customer request

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Product Details

Product of Wood Root Planter

It is really cool and amazing to use a natural wood root planter for flowers or home decoration. The old and antique looks will make your home looks more history and natural.

Hand Carved Wood Root Basket add natural beauty for house decoration and food service. These hand carved root baskets are really popular in North America, Australia, UK. We shipped around 1-2container per month to UK, USA. You can use the Root Basket for flower plants or flower decoration etc.

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Our Root Factory have been working on root ark products for around 15 years. Our factory is locating in the hometown of China Fir(cedar wood). Our hometown have hundreds of years for root carving products. We have artists work on root carving products.

We have big selection of root art products.

Root Cutting Boards

Root Cheese Boards

Root Serving Slab or boards

Root Bowls

Root furniture, like root chair, root table

Root Basket

Root platter

Root Risers

Root Flower Vase

Root Box

Root Compote

Wooden Root flower basket or planter

Wood Root Planter

Other Root Decoration items

We list some common questions for your reference. For others, please talk to our workers.

Q: How Long have your factory working on Wood Root Products

A: We have been working on it for more than 15 years

Q: How you pack them?

A: As you see, most of customers order them with their own packing way. You can tell our staffs your request. We can add special leaf , barcode or gift box.

Q: How long for delivery time

A: Every piece of wooden root products is exclusive and hand-carved. So the delivery time is slow. Normally it take about 45-60days for delivery time.

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