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Hand Carved Root Platter

Item: Wood Root Platter
Finish: Lacquer(FDA grade)
Size: Small, Medium and big root platter or servers, plates for choice
Shape: round, rectangular, irregular, natural shape
Special request: Customized logo or packing will be negotiated
MOQ: 500-1000Pcs
Packing: carton or special luxury gift packing upon customer request

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Product Details

We have wooden root platters is called root plates, root servers. They are made of our Chinese Fir –cedar wood. We have them in different sizes, small, medium or big ones. They can be single, double, three or four salsas or condiments for table. Each one worked from organically shape and natural. They are using for bread, fruit or other snack serving.

Each of the root platters are hand carved and they are exclusive beautiful and stands alone as a natural art work. We carve them from our local tree Chinese fir, some people call it cedar wood

We have them in different sizes for your choice, small, medium or big upon your request. Meanwhile, you can chose single, double, triple or four checks for your kitchen and home.

They are beautiful, natural and will add unique organic charming to your home.

They are really popular in USA, UK and Australia

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Our Root Factory have been working on root ark products for around 15 years. Our factory is locating in the hometown of China Fir(cedar wood). Our hometown have hundreds of years for root carving products. We have artists work on root carving products.

We have big selection of root art products.

Root Cutting Boards

Root Cheese Boards

Root Serving Slab or boards

Root Bowls

Root furniture, like root chair, root table

Root Basket

Root platter

Root Risers

Root Flower Vase

Root Box

Root Compote

Other Root Decoration items

Why Root products from Two City Industry are so popular?

Our factory is around of full mountains of cedar wood( Chinese fir), we can offer very good prices.

We have hundreds of years for root carving art products. We only offer 1st grade of root carving products

We have big selections of different root carving products for your choice

Experiencing more than 10 years of export, we know the quality request and popular root products in the world.

We can do OEM, just talk to us with your idea.

When you ordering the Root Carving products from us. What you need to know?

1. Each piece of root products is exclusive for choosing from natural roots.

2. There will be some knotholes or minor cracks and must acceptable. It make them looks natural and charming.

3. We use food safe lacquer for the fir products, just hand wash only.

4. Because they are hand-carved ones, slower delivery time like 45-60days per order depending on quantities.’

Why Root carving products for kitchen and home

Environmental-friendly made of fir stump

Fantastic wood grain and color makes them great for serving and decoration

Natural unique feeling

Easy Care and Wash

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